Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Just Love Them ~

السلام عليكم

eh? new entry oredi..wadafish!! u just post an entry this morning and u r posting another 1?? shoosh..haha..naa, this entry is actually nothing, i just want to share something..it's all bout gifts, souvenirs and such..hate to tell u more, just take a peak to these photos yaw!! ~ I HEART THEM =D

..::these are the graphic novels (GempakStarz) collection by the Zukri's::..
~the keyboard belong to my sis~

..::this key-chain is from Wan Fakhrul Rin & Fitri Hilmi - Pangkor Island::..

Below are the pictures of me joining Big Apple Donuts & Coffee "My Best Moment" Photo Contest
gracias, merci, arigatou, xie xie, terima kasih, thank you, syukran Big Apple!!!




..::Thank You::..

p/s: actually, i've more n more collection..but, apparently i've lost them..it's not my fault actually..it happens when my days in college, i left my stuff back home..my "helpful" brothers n sisters had their hands on my belongings n when i got home they was like "we don't have any idea", "idk", "not me", & what not..urghh..huhu..miss those things.. (T ^ T) *cry..

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