Friday, 25 March 2011

Marilah Berbaik Baik!

السلام عليكم

Evening to all!! i was planning to go for a walk this evening but apparently ibu just ask me to accompany her to Shah Alam to fetch my sister at UiTM Shah Alam and ibu wants to go for HPA class that is in Shah Alam too.."To Kill Two Birds With A Stone" eh..huhu

Back to the topic of this post that is "Marilah Berbaik-baik" (MBB). MBB is a channel on YouTube where they post some hilarious parody/remake but in a direct-translation-style-videos (music videos, movie clips, etc. etc.) watch their videos, they were superb!! haha..

*below is one of their videos and my most favorite video of all..Enjoy~

**i like this one bcoz it has my name in it..whats my name? find yourself-lah..hehe

For more MBB videos, do checkout their channel at YouTube!!

p/s: it's raining cats n dogs this whole week & the nearest chicken farm is completely damp this week which cause a massive flies flying around the neighborhood..arghh!! Fly-Season again!! it's annoying u know?..hurm..~till next entry, toodles =D


n oliver said...

haha mcm harem lagu korea tuh!

FarhanZukri said...

@n oliver

haha...terbaik tu...aku tgok lebeh seploh kali still xbleh tahan..haha