Sunday, 3 July 2011

D R E A M | J O B

Hello peepz and its SUNday!!! (its abit cloudy rite now)

talking about dream job, each and everyone of us human being have our own dream job..during those primary school years (and not to forget during the kindergarten times), our tutors / teachers / so-called educators frequently ask this particular question

"What do want to be when you grow up?"

*woah!! where did you go to school / kindergarten?? fully english meh??, of course they asked me in Bahasa..but, i once been to 'Nightingale Kindergarten' where the teachers speak english most of the time..if i'm not mistaken, when i'm 4 years old..i've moved to ABIM at 5..

back to that massive question .. well, most of us will probably answered

"I wanna be a doctor/police/soldier"

those THREE professions were the main choices during that one was to answer something like this:

"I wanna be a software developer/fashion designer/chemist/biologist"

it's logical because we dont have such clear schemata about professions during that time..i'm laughing at myself remembering back those times..

as time passes by, as people grow old, we learn new things and gain new we undergo the process, we are getting to know ourselves..from that, we and only us know ourselves better than anyone else and then its up to us to decide the path we should take to mold our life..and this is also how people change..

that's it i guess..i'm off for a meet with the cuzzies..~cheerio..wassalam =D

p/s: this entry somehow kinda related to the past entry = B E R U B A H .. a sequel??

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