Monday, 9 May 2011

Kau Bidadari ~ Kau Permaisuri

"whats up with you, paan?!! Tangkap cintan-kah? tiba-tiba bidadari & permaisuri bagai" .. LOL .. no-lah, this post is just about the day for the moms .. waddaheck?? the day for the moms?? of coz la Mother's Day (well, i should mention 'belated' because it already past 12 am (9th May), Mother's Day is on May 8 which just a few minutes from yesterday..huhu..wattudu meh, cant post earlier coz ibu was using the b/band..

What have u guys done for ur mom/ibu/ummi on the Mother's Day?? Me?? huhu..mine was kinda haywire .. ya lorh, i'm already off to Teluk Gong, Port Klang after subuh for the Mangrove Tree Planting event organized by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society..with a few problem occurred, i dont have the time to wish ibu..instead, she text-ed me for Mother's Day (ouww..i'm so embarrassed & felt guilty too!! -///-) .. few minutes later, ayah text me, reminding me to wish ibu a happy mother's day .. hurmm....

Done with that mangrove tree thingy, we went back to KUIS & there comes my time to text ibu .. it was a long wish the late evening, when i was about to ride back home, suddenly i noticed
sumthin..everyone (almost everyone..) bought gifts and stuffs for their mother on the Mother's Day..Me?? huhu..i know what she likes but apparently it costs much & i dun have the penny to buy one..then i remembered that ibu & ayah (& d rest of d family) really love Bihun Sup Utara (Restoran Syam Sup Utara) located just by BSN Bank in Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi (i'll upload the picture of the restaurant later) .. 

Well, i've been thinking .. few weeks ago was ayah's birthday & i hadn't buy him, it'll be better if i just celebrate both of them (ibuayah) on that day .. so, i went to the restaurant & buy some for the whole family .. it does cost much but i dun give a damn .. haha .. well, they enjoyed the meal & they loved it!! & i'm effing happy-lah..huhu..Happy Mother's Day Ibu & Happy Too Belated BirthDay Ayah ~woot!!! 

wuuu ~ so sweet!!! ngeh3 XD

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