Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Monthsary!!!

Today (April 24th 2011), i've completed my 1 month blogaversary!!! It might doesn't seems like a big deals to some of you but it's huge to me ~ngeh3..well, so far i have posted about 19 blogposts (including dis post)..So, that make the average posts i've posted to 0.6333333333333333/day!!! (err..WTFish!!)

Give a burst of applause to my 22..ooopss, 23 mistake..didn't realize there is one follower who just followed me today..theehee ^o^" .. sorry yeah, Intan Shafina..kudos to them!! (^o^)V

p/s: incoming post will probably be "The People Who Inspired Me to Blogging"..till then, see ya; dun wannabe ya!! ttyl & ttfn ~chowsinchi XD

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